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Smart concepts
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For assembling of boilers for boiling water taps, Smart Automation…
Packaging line for disposables for printers. Very versatile…
Flexible machine with which chips from different types of identification documents can be coded.
Custom clamping tool for milling plugs for the medical industry.
Taylormade milling machine for links of plastic conveyor belts.
EOL-tester mechanical ventilation systems for power consumption, leakages, temperatures and functional testing.
Assembly of clips in automative parts in a injection moulding production line.
Machine that performs postprocessing on security features.
Test equipment for materials-lab for thermal tensile strength tests.
Climate controll for mobile data centres based upon the Beckhoff framework.
Leakage tester for castings with several circuits.
Production machine for performing brazing junctions…
SBIR project with the goal to minimize cutting waste….
Production tool for pressing rubber parts in …
Production tools for accurate placement of magnets in ….
In construction, plastic plinth blocks are often placed between the sill and the frame. These plinth blocks have the contour …