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Smart Automation

Smart Automation is a decisive mechatronic engineering company and taylormade machine builder with extensive experience. We perform successfully challenging assignments for small and large local and international customers.

We handle the entire process from production issues through sophisticated machine concept until the delivery of a machine, line or end of line tester. And we provide the service. We distinguish ourselves by our focus on the end result, adding value for our clients and the high level of creativity in our team.

What can you expect from our team
• extensive experience in automation and mechanization
• empathy, and commitment to your problem
• focus on results and adding value
• we think and look beyond asked
• creative approach to your problem
• project approach that monitors project boundaries
• transparency in our processes

Knowledge and experience
The scope of production automation is wide. Our expertise focuses on mechatronics and precision technology. Inside that, we have special knowledge and experience in machining of plastics, induction brazing, resistance welding, development of measuring and test equipment, custom machine software features recipe and database links, vision technology and servo-technology and robotics.