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New SmartFeeder succesfully tested

Smart Automation has focused the last few years on developing flexible supply technology. The past year has resulted in a first prototype of the Smart Feeder. In November and December 2013 test conducted with the prototype that demonstrated the operation of the innovative technology. Through voice coil technology are generated in different directions vibrations. Hereby is achieved that entirety moved under a camera, can be spread and reversed. A unique aspect of the technology used is that both very small / light and even frangible parts can be manipulated as well large and heavier components. The developed vision technology is able to recognize graspable properly oriented products, and to send to the integrated robot on the basis of this information.

More information: Project Smart Feeder

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Smart Automation and Robotics

Smart Automation uses robotics in more and more automations that we develop and realize for our clients. As a result, we now have extensive experience with different brands and types of robots. Often combined with vision.

We have extensive experience with robots from the brands Omron, Kuka, ABB and our own developed portal robot based on Beckhoff. And for vision we often use Omron, Cognex or Sensopart. We have successfully deployed from accurate 6-axle robots to super-fast Delta pickers.

If you are interested in what robotics can do for your production, please feel free to contact us.

Smart Automation and sustainability.

As a builder of machines and production lines that sometimes do their work for decades, Smart Automation has a great responsibility towards the environment. We are well aware of this and make the following considerations:

  • If technically possible, we use servo technology where the braking energy of one motor is used for the acceleration energy of another motor. This gives a considerable saving on power consumption.
  • In vacuum and compressed air applications, consumption is calculated, so that the solution with minimal consumption can be chosen. This leads, for example, to a vacuum pump instead of a venturi and to compressed air cylinders that make their return stroke with 1/3 of the usual air consumption.
  • Our company cars run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or electric.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid buying materials from further away, but if we have the choice, we try to source locally.

In this way we try to limit the footprint within our sphere of influence. If you are interested in our approach, or if you still see room for improvement, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

10 years Smart Automation

Smart Automation celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend. We had a wonderful weekend in Bergen aan Zee with our team and partners, with Sky diving, good food, sports activities on the beach and lots of fun.

Acceptance of a machine for coding of chips in identification documents.

Smart Automation has completed a compact machine for wirelessly encoding of chips in identification documents.

Smart Automation starts with testing and debugging of a large robot line.

Smart Automation has started testing and debugging with a large robot line. The robot will transport barrels up to 1000 liters between a leak tester and a coating line.

Transport large flexible line for packaging of disposables for printers.

Just in 2017 a large line was transported to Germany. Overthere it will pack disposables for printers, at a speed up to 480 pieces per minute! The machine is very flexible because it can change over automatically between different product types.

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